How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment?

“Looking for ways to earn money online in India”

Nowadays, many people are searching for ways to earn money from home without any investment – from college students, home spouses, college dropouts and retirees to businessmen and women looking for side jobs.

We will discuss in this article what kind of online work you can take to earn money without investment.


9 ways to earn money online in india without investment (students)

1. As a freelancer

Freelancer can be a very good option if you want to earn without investing money. On freelancing websites, you can earn money in 100+ ways, just focus on your skills and improve them.

It is possible to earn more than 50 thousand working on freelancing websites even sitting at home if you have just one skill. The only thing that matters is your ability to work hard and do good work all the time.

Famous Freelance Websites to Find Work

  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Jooble
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • We Work Remotely
  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
Freelancer Earning WaysInitial CostScope
Content WritingFreeModerate
Social Media MarketingFreeHigh
Social Media AdvertisingFreeHigh
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)FreeHigh
Marketing StrategyFreeHigh
Public RelationsFreeHigh
Guest PostingFreeModerate
Video MarketingFreeHigh
Email MarketingFreeHigh
Web AnalyticsFreeHigh
Text Message MarketingFreeModerate
E-Commerce MarketingDependHigh
Influencer MarketingDependHigh
Logo DesignInvest on ToolHigh
Web & App DesignFreeHigh
Fashion & Jewelry DesignInvest on ToolModerate
Social Media DesignInvest on ToolHigh
T-Shirts DesignDependHigh
Articles & Blog PostsFreeHigh
Proofreading & EditingFreeHigh
Podcast WritingFreeHigh
Youtube ScriptwritingFreeHigh
Voice Over ArtistInvest on MicHigh
Book & eBook WritingFreeModerate
Data EntryFreeHuge
Image EditingFreeModerate
VideographersInvest on CameraHigh
Public AccountantFreeHigh

2. Testing Apps and Websites

There is another way to earn money by working online that does not require any investment by Testing Apps and Websites. Developers and big companies conduct beta testing of their websites and apps to remove any bugs and problems before going live. As a result, going forward, the brand is built in the eyes of the people and the user experience is good for the website or app.

Here are some websites that provide Testing Apps and Websites

  1. BetaTesting
  2. TestingTime
  3. Loop11
  4. UserBrain
  5. UserTesting
  6. UTest
  7. WhatUsersDo
  8. UserFeel
  9. Userlytics
  10. StartupLift
  12. TryMyUI

You need technical skills if you want to earn money online by testing apps and websites. You can earn a lot of money if you have strong technical skills by creating a profile on the above website.

3. Blogging and Youtube

A great way to earn money online without investing any money is to blogging and upload videos to YouTube. If you like writing articles or you can make videos, then you can earn money by placing ads on your website and channel by taking Google Adsense approval.

Google Adsense currently supports more than 50 languages. If you understand your skills and make articles and videos, then you can earn money from thousands to millions.

4. Affiliate Marketing

A website, social media platform, or blog can be used to market a product or service as an affiliate. Whenever someone buys through the unique link or code associated with the affiliate’s recommendation, the affiliate earns a commission. Commissions in affiliate marketing can range from 1% to 20% or more depending on the product or service. 

For Example : You can create articles and videos on Budget Laptop for Students, Designers, and set up your own affiliate account on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and promote and recommend laptops to your target audience. This affiliate platform gives you some commission for promoting their product.

The target audience does not need to pay an additional amount. They will pay the actual amount of the product, so you can work on affiliate marketing for passive online income.

5. Become a POSP Insurance Agent

You can become a POSP insurance agent without even investing. POSP can sell insurance policies directly to consumers as an insurance agent. From motor and health insurance to business insurance, this agent can sell a variety of insurance products. If you are over 18 then you can do this.

6. Refer and Earn Links

Referral marketing refers to the practice of promoting products and services through existing customers and users. Customers are provided with unique links to share with others. A referral program usually offers discounts and account credits as incentives.

Here are some referral programs that provide referrals and earning

  • Paytm Money
  • Upstox
  • Amazon Pay
  • ySense
  • IIFL Securities
  • PhonePe
  • G Pay
  • CRED
  • MobiKwik
  • Groww
  • Meesho
  • My11Circle

7. Become an online seller

You can earn money online without investment if you have some creative skills. On Teeshopper and Teespring, you have to design a t-shirt and promote that t-shirt. Teeshopper and Teespring will print, package, and ship the t-shirt to the buyer as soon as someone orders it. You will receive your benefits directly in your bank account from this company

8. Online Coaching, Dance or Music classes

If you are good at studying in any field, then you can take classes like online coaching, dance, or music. Because of this, you will also enjoy working if you do what you enjoy. There is no better way to fulfill your hobby and earn money than this without investing.

9. Earn Money from Instagram Reels in India

You can earn money by making reels on Instagram. Earlier, it was only for some countries; now it can make money by making reels in India as well.

To make money from Reels on Instagram, you must have a business and a creator account. When your reels make $100, you can transfer the money to your bank account. Instagram is going to issue payments on the 21st of every month. You can earn up to $10,000 on Instagram. If you use Instagram, then you should earn money by making reels.

You can also earn money from Instagram in this way.

  • Become an Affiliate
  • To create sponsored content
  • Brand endorsement

Keep these things in mind

There are many types of work available online without investment, just keep in mind that the online world is also full of fake agencies, scams and frauds.

  • Don’t provide your personal information to websites that ask for a registration fee.
  • Be sure to read the contract before signing it.
  • It is important to research any website thoroughly and read up on reviews and comments left by other users in order to avoid such fraudulent websites and companies. 
  • Try to check the profile of a company like LinkedIn and talk to its employee.
  • Trim out skills that are irrelevant to the job when writing your resume.


1. What are the best platforms to earn online without investment?

PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Amazon, and Upwork are some of the best platforms for earning money online without investing.

2. How can I earn 1000rs a day?

You can earn more than 1000 rupees in a day by doing work like data entry to marketing, editing, and content writing. There will be difficult in the beginning, but as time passes, you can earn up to 1 lakh in a month.

Final Thought

In today’s era, it has become easy to earn money online without investing. To get started, you only need to create an account on one of the platforms mentioned above. I hope this article on how to earn money online without investment in India inspires you and you will earn a lot of money. Please share this information with the needy if you find it useful.


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